Design Team Day 2

Design Team Day 2

Today was the second day of the design team meeting. Today we spent most of the time looking at a way to reach level three of the pyramid. Soon we will have some prototypes that will be having the mechanical team to build. Here is a list of what we were able to come up with...


-Discussed how to climb the tower

-Looked at pyramid dimensions

-A hooking mechanism to go up pyramid

-30*26 robot

-Linear (80/20) Sliders to move the hook

Drive System details

-6 wheel drive

-Drive with middle and back wheels

-(front wheels are the end that will touch the pyramid first)

-2 or 3 CIMs on each side

-Drive motors power climb mechanism

-Clutch to engage or disengage climbing arms

This is a list of just a few things that we will be having the mechanical team prototyping in the near future...

Mechanical List

-Bottom level of Frame (Triangles)

-climbing mechanism (slide mechanism 80/20)

-6 wheels (matching)