Design Team Day 3

Design Team Day 3

Today was the third day that design team met. Most of our time today was spent looking at how we are going to score the Frisbee's and how we will climb the tower. This list below shows some of the things we talked about and decided on today.

-How to collect

-How to dump into the different goals

-have a spinning disk type thing to deploy the Frisbee's out of containment

-A conveyor belt type thing

-Rotating conveyor

-Speed control of conveyor belt

-How the robot will stay on the pyramid (and not fall off)

-Decided on a bucket to dump Frisbee's

-Use a piston to deploy Frisbee's out of the bucket

-Square frame

-1 inch wheels

-Something to cover the bucket of Frisbee's so no more than 4 Frisbee's come onto robot

We will be having mech prototype a version of the deployer bucket in the next few days along with the things mentioned yesterday.