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Sponsoring Chop Shop

Chop Shop 166 has different levels of donation and sponsorship for companies/individuals. Specifics are listed below. Support Chop Shop!


Level Friend of Chop Shop Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Donation Range $500 $500-$999 $1000-$1999 $2000-$2999 $3000+
  • Donor name will be listed on our team website as a "Friend of Chop Shop"
  • Donor name on “Sponsor” page of team website
  • Donor logo on sponsor board displayed in pits at competitions
  • All bronze benefits
  • Plaque
  • Name on official team t-shirts
  • Logo on website
  • All silver benefits
  • Logo on robot
  • All gold benefits
  • Company name becomes part of official team name and is announced at all competitions