Update for 2-21-2020


The mechanical team has completed the design and assembly of this years robot. Software has the robot and has started integration with the hardware. There is a lot of work to complete to be ready for next weekend and our week 1 event in northern Connecticut. There is still a lot of work being done on the chairman's presentation and video. The mechanical team is building spare parts and making some minor changes to sensor locations. The drive team is ready to run once software has the basic integration done. Our practice field elements are built and ready. The lift, ball pickup, shooter and drive have all been tested.


This is the big weekend to get the robot assembled.  Next week is week zero.  The mech team is busy working on all the subsytems.  Lots of software to write too.  People are working on the electrical panel and connectors.  


This has been a very exciting week! Saturday we finished a full prototype of our intake/delivery/shooter system atop of the 2017 robot chassis, and it works very well even for a proof of concept! This will hopefully translate into an even more effective system on our actual robot, as we begin assembling and integrating this week.
-Alex and Sean

Two weeks until Week Zero and things are coming together. Ending this week with a working prototype of our mechanism to pick up and score power cells was pretty exciting. We still have a long way to go to meet our goals, which is having the subassemblies built and on the robot. We will have to make up some ground since we did not get all the sub assemblies built this week. That said, between the progress we made on the robot this week and how successful the calendar raffle was as a fundraiser, this was a good week and I know that the efforts made this week will help translate into success during the competition season. Two more weeks of hard work and then we will get a chance to test our design under competition conditions.

This past week we have made plenty of progress on the robot and the software team has started writing the commands for all the subsystems. In addition we have had great progress on vision targeting and control panel color sensing. This week we will continue the commands and hopefully merge some branches to master. We will also discuss what we want to do for the autonomous period. 

GREAT job busting out Chairman’s this past week as we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress. The essay sits at 10,319 characters right now so the focus will be cutting that down Monday and having Tuesday to do a final overlook. The rest of the week we will be tackling the tasks we have yet to finish on the board. Awesome job thus far. 

I must say I am very proud of the amount of progress that has been done over this past week. We have built a prototype robot that can intake, transport, and shoot the balls. We got almost all of our parts sent out that needed to be manufactured. Next our chassis needs to be fully assembled and the parts we need to be made should be manufactured this week and started to be assembled. 

The shirt is done! Next order of business will be the chairman's video, and whatever else marketing needs from us.


The team is working on many projects.  The robot chassis is being assembled.  Wheels, chain drive and motors are all installed.  The ball pick up is being assembled.  Lots of work is being done by software group..  Our practice field is almost complete.  Prior to today we have prototyped our ball shooter, ball pickup, and lift system.