Week Zero General Information

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Week Zero 2019

February 16, 2019

Hosted by MHS-FIRST Robotics Team 166 -- "ChopShop"               

Welcome to our  Week Zero competition. We are very excited to be sponsoring this scrimmage and we are looking forward to a great day of competition. The site for this competition is Merrimack High School, 38 McElwain St. Contact phone number on day of meet—603-320-6621. If for any reason you will not be showing up please contact us. The pits are situated in the cafeteria and the competition will be in the gymnasium. Food concessions will be in the cafeteria. Proceeds will benefit the MHS-FIRST Robotics Team.

School Policy—NO FOOD IS TO BE CONSUMED OUTSIDE OF THE CAFETERIA. Only water is allowed outside the cafeteria. Please do not bring open containers of coffee into the building.

Day of Event -- Upon arrival to the HS, please register your team. Match schedules will be created and distributed to teams at their pit areas. Robots and pit equipment should enter at the front of the High School.  There will be signs showing the way. Please note that although this event is being organized and run by FIRST, your team’s performance at this scrimmage in no way entitles you to any special considerations at any official district events you may attend. In the pit area, a six-foot table and an electrical outlet will be provided.  Please bring your own extension cords. Machine Tools: Chopshop has limited machine shop facilities and will help anyone needing assistance. Insurance rules preclude anyone but Team 166 members from using the machines. You have to be present to guide the work.

Week Zero Planning Crew
Chop Shop 166

SAFETY FIRST---Don’t forget safety glasses!!


The Day's Schedule
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM  AM Load In
8:15 AM - 8:30 AM Drivers' Meeting
8:30 AM - 8:45 AM Opening
8:45 AM- 11:30 AM Qualification matches
11:30 AM - 11:45 AM Alliance selection
11:45 PM - 12:30 PM Lunch
12:30 PM - 3:30 PM Official Matches
3:45 PM Closing Ceremony
4:00 PM Load Out


Click to view images from past year's competition (opens in a new window).


Coming from a couple of hours away and would like a place to stay? Click HERE for a selection of places in Merrimack, or HERE for another selection in Nashua!

We are AT capacity!

Registration IS CLOSED!

Teams Registered for Week Zero 2019

RIot Crew 58 South Portland Maine
The Force Team 1073 Hollis/Brookline New Hampshire
Cardinals 811 Nashua New Hampshire
TriForce 3236 Franklin Massachusetts
Gompei and the HERD 190 Worcester Massachusetts
Crusaders 238 Manchester New Hampshire
Overclocked 246 Boston Massachusetts
The PowerKnights 501 Manchester / Goffstown New Hampshire
Red Storm 509 Bedford New Hampshire
Walpole Revolution 1153 Walpole Massachusetts
Lumberjacks 1517 Concord New Hampshire
Tidal Force 1721 Concord New Hampshire
Team Inconceivable! 1729 Peterborough New Hampshire
Robots by the C 2084 Manchester Massachusetts
Team Phoenix 2342 Nashua New Hampshire
iRaiders 2713 Melrose Massachusetts
Potential Energy 3323 Litchfield New Hampshire
The Windham Windup 3467 Windham New Hampshire
Express-O 3986 Montreal Canada
Redshift 4048 Westborough Massachusetts
Andromeda One 4905 Ayer Massachusetts
The Outliers 5687 Portland Maine
Morpheus 5813 Concord New Hampshire
Blue Crew 6153 Farmington Maine

Waitlist Teams
(In order of submssion)

AZTECHS 157 Marlborough Massachusetts
Nutrons 125 Boston Massachusetts
Tornadoes 7314 Franklin New Hampshire
Mechancial Mayhem 1519 Milford New Hampshire
Big Bad Bob 319 Alton New Hampshire
TOUGH TECHS 151 NASHUA New Hampshire
PVC Pirates 1058 Londonderry New Hampshire
The Blue Devils 6324 Salem New Hampshire
Green Reapers 1735 Worcester Massachusetts
Bionics 4909 Billerica Massachusetts
TJ² 88 Bridgewater Massachusetts